As Kobe Bryant takes a victory lap around the States during his last season in the NBA, he's been getting bountiful gifts, and giving some, too.

All I can say is keep Paul George in your prayers. He suffered the injury during the Team USA showcase on Friday Night! He was carried out on a stretcher and the rest of the game was cancelled out of respect to George.


Courtesy of ESPN Dot Com Indiana Pacers Paul George is back in the news.  First, there was a rumor going around that contended he had an inappropriate relationship with a teammate’s girlfriend, which led to the team’s lackluster play in the final weeks of the season.  There is no information to conclude that as fact, […]

There is an interesting rumor floating around about why the Indiana Pacers are not playing well and it may center around a woman. According to a letter that was submitted to Baller Alert Paul George may have slept with Roy Hibbert‘s WIFE! Now if you follow the NBA you may recall that every year around play […]