Ed Lover discusses the upcoming election, Prince’s jacket and shirt being auctioned off, as well as Kevin Durant leaving OKC. They compared Kevin Durant leaving OKC to a woman leaving her man after years of not getting an engagement ring. Durant wants his ring! Listen to the Ed Lover Show weekdays from 6-10am EST. RELATED: Bag […]

  Here’s some of the funniest Jordan Memes from the Warriors VS Thunder Series.

The Golden State Warriors pushed their historic record to 53-5 on Saturday night with a victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but it was certainly…

Yup he just proposed to his beautiful brown boo and with at $700,000 6 ct ring!  As he should lol

Kevin Durant had an amazing and touching MVP speech. Especially when he told the story of his single mom raising 2 boys and that she was the real MVP in his life. Below is a video set to photos and using a portion of the Kevin Durant speech. Music by Mali Music. The song is […]

There is an interesting rumor floating around about why the Indiana Pacers are not playing well and it may center around a woman. According to a letter that was submitted to Baller Alert Paul George may have slept with Roy Hibbert‘s WIFE! Now if you follow the NBA you may recall that every year around play […]

Well it looks like NBA player Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder is off the market. Find out who the lucky lady is below   LIKE Us On Facebook HOT 107.9 Philly   In what looks like a real Love & Basketball moment, Kevin Durant is engaged to WNBA player Minnesota Lynx Monica Wright. […]

Taraji P. Henson is having dirty thoughts about which NBA player? And for the record, I don’t think we (the ladies) blame her! LIKE Us On Facebook HOT 107.9 Philly This Serge Ibaka. He plays for the NBA team OKC–Oklahoma City and is also rumored to be the boyfriend of Keri Hilson. In an interview […]

Metta World Not-So-Peaceful was on the Conan O’Brien Show. He took what I believe was a subliminal shot at Jalen Rose.  He said he understood the media coming down on him but he had a problem with people he thought were being hypocritical When you get a player that you played with, that you were […]

This chick loves herself a baller doesn’t she?  If you don’t recognize those ASSets from the back, it’s the Baddest B*tch Trina who was spotted…

Not sure if these are official yet but I’d grab them for the summer for sure.  You?