Naya Rivera Reads Kim Kardashian Oop. She tried it. While the rest of the world was ogling Kim Kardashian’s goodies and praising the reality star…

According to reports there are nude private photos of Natalie Nunn, of the Bad Girls Club being shopped around and she is ready to take legal action! She stated that the photos are her however, were private and apparently an ex assistant of hers is the one shopping them around to various sites. If released […]

Hate it or love it, Natalie Nunn has become the poster girl for the Oxygen network’s hit reality show “Bad Girls Club.” She was cast as the socialite on season 4, yelling out her catch phrase “I Run L.A.” However, she has definitely moved on from socialite to celebrity after appearing on the show. Natalie […]

“Bad Girls Club” castmate Natalie Nunn was rushed to a hospital emergency room early this morning, according to Radar Online. The 25-year-old reality star collapsed her Hollywood Hills condo of “exhaustion.” “I wasn’t kidding when I said I would sleep when I die. I have literally been running on three hours of sleep every day […]

Revealing photos of Amber Rose have been leaking on the internet left and right. Yesterday after more explicit photos of Amber leaked, the number one question for me was “Who the hell is the person leaking the photos?” Amber Rose has been on Twitter for the past few weeks “wilding for respect” about how she […]

Celebs came out to support the launch of Samsung’s newest phone, the Infuse 4G, last night in Los Angeles. However, we doubt any of them actually own one. Nicki Minaj looked like Denim Barbie, Kelly Rowland kept it classy (but boring), Natalie Nunn (who invited her?) rocked her underwear as outerwear. But it was Ciara […]

As you know, Natalie Nunn and Amber Rose have had an ongoing “Twitter beef”, calling each other out and throwing virtual punches at one another over none other than Pittsburgh rapper, Wiz Khalifa. The whole mess started when Natalie got word that Amber was dating Wiz after she and Wiz dated briefly. Things got a […]

Natalie Nunn has found a new enemy in Rihanna. The singer is reportedly furious that the former “Bad Girls Club” castmate is dating her first cousin Tee-Jay. According to RadarOnline, “Rihanna is angry because Natalie badmouthed her for a long time after the rumors came out that Natalie was dating Chris Brown.” Tee-Jay hasn’t gone […]

Another day, another Twitter beef. This time, its “Bad Girl’s Club” star Natalie Nunn vs. Amber Rose. The fight is over none other than Pittsburgh rap superstar, Wiz Khalifa.  The beef stared a few months ago when rumors surfaced that Natalie and Wiz were dating and were quickly replaced by rumors that Wiz and Amber […]

Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images Was getting with Amber Rose equivalent to getting Kanye West’s sloppy seconds for Wiz Khalifa? Find out what he said after 100.3 The Beat’s Kendra G went there and asked him during a recent visit. Plus, find out what Wiz had to say about Natalie “sour grapes” Nunn in this […]

After her almost 30-minute Ustream video rant, “Bad Girls Club” Natalie Nunn recently sat down with and says she has no respect for Amber Rose who is a “bop.” Here’s what she had to say: Did you find out about him and Amber the way all the rest of us did? Yeah! That is […]