Check out Big Sean’s teaser for his single “IDFWU” below. Kanye West even has an appearance in the video!

In case you have yet to see the “On The Run Tour” with Jay-Z and Beyonce, here is a piece from it. Beyonce dropped the video from her song Flawless Remix featuring Nicki Minaj. Basically she just took the footage from the concert and made it into a video. Enjoy!

Award winning Actor Denzel Washington was on The Queen Latifah show recently talking about his new film The Equalizer, working with Ludacris’s dad, and being in the studio with Jay-Z. Denzel even did an impersonation of the Brooklyn MC. How’d he do? Watch below!

What does the World’s Most Expensive Burger taste?! I wouldn’t know, you have to ask 2 Chainz! The burger has quail eggs, caviar, 24k gold dust, 18 month old aged cheese, and much more! Oh by the way, proceeds go to feeding the the homeless. Watch the video below!

This isn’t your usual form of discipline but I think this is also effective! Apparently a boy was acting out in school and as a punishment, his mother made him carry books over his head walking back and fourth in the house. She even made him say “I will not disrespect my teacher, I love school, […]

Baby number 2 on the way or nah? Well usually when Jay-z flips his lyrics around that kinda means something!Jay & Bey were in France for their “On the Run” tour and while Jay was performing”Beach is Better” he changed the lyric saying “pregnant with another one” instead of “I replace it with another one.” Watch the video below.

  Shout out to the love being shown in hip hop for Meek Mill while he is locked up. During their stop in New Jersey they showed a lot of love for Meek by performing his “Dreams and Nightmares Intro”. Watch below!

Singer Lloyd is back with another one! Where in the hell has he been at?! Anyway check out his latest video below! Enjoy!

Actor Charlie Sheen may have just changed the Ice Bucket Challenge totally! Instead of using ice cold water, he instead poured $10,000 in cash on himself! Afterwards he announced that he would be donating that money to ALS. Wow! Peep Below! He nominated his former “2 and a Half Men” Co Stars to do the same!