Lil Kim has even more of a reason to hate her rival Nicki Minaj! Nicki, who suddenly pulled out of Summer Jam yesterday, had an extravagant line-up prepared for the show and one of the entertainers was Foxy Brown! As soon as Kim got wind that two of her enemies would be performing together, she […]

It seems like everyone just can’t get enough of Nicki Minaj…even arch enemy Lil’ Kim. Last night on Twitter,what may have been Nicki Minaj, a hacked and or fraudulent account tweeted “Lil Kim U Next.” This caused a fan to tweet the Queen Bee suggesting that she name her dog after Nicki Minaj. In what […]

Clip From Kendra G Interview With Lil Kim, Where Kim Says Nicki Minaj Is Swagga Jackin Her Style! "Atleast Pay Respect. Don't Try To Act Like You Created This!"

Lil Kim Wants Nicki Minaj To Pay Homage On Biting Her Style & Ray J Co-Signs!