Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae talks about the “firecracker” of a woman she plays in “Hidden Figures,” Mary Jackson, the first black female engineer at NASA. Pharrell, who not only is the film’s producer, but is also in charge of music, highlights the difficulty of the mathematics problems they were computing, and the high stakes involved in getting […]

Janelle Monae broke down her role in the highly anticipated film, “Hidden Figures,” which also stars Octavia Spencer and Taraji P. Henson. She explains that the movie deals with the stories of three black women, who were responsible for the brilliant mathematical work behind NASA’s first successful space launch. Plus, Janelle also opens up about […]

Singer, actress and model Janelle Monae came through to the morning show to hang out with Monie Love & Ed Lover! She opened up about the family she comes from and how that set the tone for the kind of music she creates, and why she dared to be different from the very beginning of […]