One of the changes Facebook is making in their sweeping update is the ability to identify your secret crush. As a part of Facebook Dating, you will have the ability to click up to 9 people that you are already Facebook friends with as your crush. The other people will not know you marked them […]

Instagram is testing out hiding the amount of likes that someone has on their post. The person would be able to view everyone that liked their post, but would have to count them manually. The social media website wants users to post based on their feelings and not by how many likes they receive. Researchers […]

In this edition of FOH Friday, the morning show crew and guest host Jasmine Guy, dedicate their FOH Friday’s to a myriad of things that have been bugging them all week long. They go in on  people who don’t clean up after their dogs, 3D filters on Facebook, cell phone companies, fickle fans, and, of […]

When George Lopez came through to the “Ed Lover Show,” he explained his journey of finding his voice as a comedian, and how Ed has done so himself. He talks about growing up watching Ed Lover on MTV, and how Ed’s authentic voice contributed to the success and widespread influence of that show. George also […]

Reactions to Donald Trump‘s election as President have been intense and concerning, however, David Banner is taking an optimistic approach. Yesterday (Wednesday Nov. 9), the Mississippi rapper/producer posted a video on his Facebook page explaining that Trump becoming President “may be the best thing for black people.” The 42-year-old rapper-activist also urged his fans to calm […]

Trick Daddy will not let up! After being slammed on social media for his degrading comments about black women, Trick returned to social media to share a message to the ladies who had an issue with his sexist statements. Women on social media blasted the retired rapper for saying that black women need to “tighten […]

New York Life handed its managing director Corey Multer a pink slip for calling Shanelle Matthews a "racist pig whore" on Facebook.

If you let Odell Beckham, Sr. tell it, the media is wrong about his son dating Khloe Kardashian.

It's usually pretty cool when celebrities do "normal people" things that everyone can relate to.

The billionaire boss warns Facebook workers to stop crossing out “Black Lives Matter” slogans in the office.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent a stern message to employees who have been crossing out the “Black Lives Matter” slogan on a public company art wall and writing in “All Lives Matter.” Zuckerberg’s frustration was voiced in an internal memo that was leaked, according to an exclusive report from Gizmodo. Reporters at Gizmodo were able […]


Things didn't go so well for Donna Galt and daughter Mya, who said they are often mistaken for sisters. The two even dress alike when they go out with each other.