It’s been a wild ride on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, so you know the final curtain call for the group couldn’t happen without…

Not sure if anybody even remembers who these people are! I vaguely remember that Saigon & Erica had relationship issues & a kid was involved. Iyanla will kick off the new season of, ‘Fix My Life’ on OWN come May 10th (Mother’s Day weekend) & the life coach will go deep inside the relationship of […]

Courtesy of VH1 Dot Com Time for everyone’s favorite weekly reality show, Love & Hip Hop NY.  In this week’s sneak preview, Saigon has a conversation with Erica about their son not being as vocal as other kids his age.  Saigon believes that the child should go see a doctor to get checked out for […]


The season finale of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta definitely didn’t disappoint. Where to start: 1. Once again, Mimi’s done -_- 2. It’s Stevie J’s bus 3. Karlie Redd will give her tropical cookie up to whoever says they’ll help her “career” 3. Shay’s weave was layed riiiiight! *sarcasm* You know what before I actually spoil anything, check out the full episode […]

Life is no longer the same for Erica Dixon of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” since the popular VH1 reality show began airing, and she…

SMH…Why would this drop today?!?!! Well since I’m saved Sunday through Wednesday,  i’ll let you all be the judge…..


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