Faizon Love explains that which films people know him for changes depending on the region.

On an FOH Friday, callers dedicated their FOH’s to Ed Lover himself, to a wife who took her husband out for a girlfriend’s happy hour that last too long, an ex-wife who sent her kid over to her dad’s house without proper winter entire, people who medal in other people’s business, and more! Click on […]

While Janelle Monae and Pharrell were hanging out and talking about their film, “Hidden Figures” with Ed Lover & Monie Love, Pharrell took some time to break some things down for them. He explained to Ed how important “Yo MTV Raps” was for kids like him who rushed home after school to catch it on […]

In case you didn’t know, Pharrell Williams is a hit-making legend. He has, time and time again, churned out hit after hit for hip-hop and R&B’s finest. When he came through to the studio to visit Monie Love & Ed Lover, Monie asked the most important question: how do you feel about the new A […]

Singer Kameelah Williams, also known as Meelah, is best known for being the lead singer of the 90s R&B trio, 702. But the trio wasn’t always a trio. As Kameelah tells Ed Lover & Monie Love, her addition to the group certainly shook things up for the girls, and may have caused some of the […]

At the tail end of October, something known as the #MannequinChallenge went viral when some kids from a Jacksonville, Florida high school posted it online. Soon after that, countless groups and sports teams, both professional and amateur, hopped onto the #MannequinChallenge. The “Ed Lover Show” is the latest to join in on the fun. And […]

Ed Lover draws from a conversation he was having while he was chilling at his favorite cigar club and poses a question. What hurts more: being broken up with, or breaking up with somebody? Thus, a discussion is commenced about the difference between what is at stake in each situation. When family, and kids are […]

Tiny walks us down memory lane and tells us the story of how she and hubby T.I. first met, started dating fell in love. She talks about the reservations she had about dating him initially, and who said “I love you” first. The couple has been together for about 15 years, and were dating before […]

Cedric The Entertainer opens up about being proud of all of the success that he and his fellow “Kings of Comedy” have experienced, and gushes about all the amazing things his friends Steve Harvey and D.L. Hughley are up to, and how far their careers have come. Plus, he recalls the story of how he […]

The BET Hip-Hop Awards aired last night (after originally taking place back in June). An award show typically lauded for its true allegiance to hip-hop, its pioneers, and the culture that has developed around that, it seems they made a pretty big mistake with this year’s show. 2016 is the year we lost some major […]

Ed Lover & Monie Love talk about artists- often rappers -who decide part of the way through their careers to change their stage names. While many have done this, perhaps the most infamous example of this is Diddy (or whatever it is he’s calling himself now), whose previous names range from Puff Daddy, to P. […]

Ed Lover goes around the room and asks everyone what their porn names are. Somehow, each and every one does not fail to fit the bill! They range from weirdly adequate for the porno industry, to just downright weird enough to fit. Not only does everyone reveal the names of their alter egos, but Ed […]