According to reports, someone was out to harm Nipsey Jussle days before he was murdered. While Nipsey was filming the video for a song featuring Dj Khaled and John Legend people were on high alert of potential violence that may be directed at Hussle. The video set was closed down and 10 armed security guards were also […]

Shooting has begun on the third installment of Bad Boys called Bad Boys For Life and DJ Khaled has just been added to the cast. Khaled broke the news on Twitter saying, “Blessed to announce that I will be joining #WillSmith and #MartinLawrence in the cast of @badboys #BadBoysForLife movie.” Khaled also says that he has an Oscar in his […]

For the past seven years around the holidays, Foot Locker has gotten in the spirit with Week of Greatness, a week centered around some of the most anticipated kicks of the season. This year’s campaign is titled #BecauseSneakers, and it focuses on the passion people have for their kicks. In the promo video for Week of Greatness, […]


Back in February, Jonathan Tuck was murdered in New York where it seemed like a drug deal gone wrong. Tuck is the brother of Nicole Tuck, DJ Khaled’s fiance. After investigation and talk with close friends, Tuck was just at the wrong place wrong time. After visiting a Super Bowl party 5 men attempted to […]

By Dymond Alexis From promoting self-love and gaining major keys, DJ Khaled has teased followers about a big meeting he was having with Air Jordan. Khaled took to social media to reveal his new Jordan Brand collaboration. The shoe will surround Khaled’s tenth studio album, Grateful. To win a pair of the “Grateful” Jordan 3s, […]

Follow KYS On Twitter: You know Jay Z and Beyonce couldn’t leave you without some new music after the Grammy awards. The Husband and Wife joins DJ Khaled for the new track “Shining” which will appear on the social media king’s new album “Grateful.” Khaled wasn’t playing when he said this might be his best […]

These celebrities totally kicked 2016's ass.

These celebrities totally kicked 2016's ass.