Music, across all genres, has always provided a supply of powerful female anthems, the kind that make you turn the music all the way up and sing at the top of your lungs. Whether they deal with the subject of break-ups, friendships, motherhood, or just plain women’s empowerment, there are tons of songs out there […]

Though hip-hop is great, the same can’t be said for every song that has come out of it. In this edition of the Certified Top 5, the morning show crew takes a look at some of the worst hip-hop songs in the history of the genre. While some of them are so bad that they […]

In this edition of the Certified Top 5, Ed Lover, Monie Love & the rest of the cast discuss the rappers who got big and suddenly fell off. Monie contributes to this one reluctantly, especially after the messages she says she got on Instagram when they talked about one-hit-wonders. Before the conversation really takes off, […]

This edition of the Certified Top 5 is dedicated to the one hit wonders of hip-hop- not R&B or pop. But before the game can commence, Ed Lover spells out exactly what a true one hit wonder is, because people tend to get it muddled when it comes to things like features and second singles. […]

There are enough street harassers out there for every woman at least to have five pretty bad pick-up lines tucked away in their back pocket. In this edition of the Certified Top 5, Krysta and Monie Love reveal the worst and cheesiest pick-up lines that have ever been fired at them on the street. Krysta […]

Ed Lover and Coco Brown talk about the Top 5 Diva’s of the 90’s. While some callers picked Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston and Brandy. Others picked ones from the wrong decade. Listen to Part II and III of the Tops 5 Diva’s of the 90’s. RELATED:Marsha Ambrosius Is Expecting! RELATED: Janet Jackson’s Ex-Husband […]

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In this edition of the Certified Top 5, the Ed Lover Show cast is debating their top 5 favorite posse cuts of all time. A posse cut, for those who don’t know, is a hip-hop song that features successive verses by four or more rappers. Click on the audio player to hear the exciting discussion in this […]

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