Floyd Mayweather Jr. is officially coming out of retirement to fight UFC fighter Conor Mcgregor.

Soulja Boy has a lot going on in his life and he may be adding a baby to the mix.

On Wednesday, he released a video called ‘If You Show Up,' strictly aimed at dissing Soulja Boy.

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy‘s boxing match has got everyone in the rap game wanting to fight their rivals. Meek Mill was in one of his reckless moods on Thursday, where he says anything that comes to his mind. In a new video making it’s rounds on the internet, the rapper said he would fight […]

Nothing is worse than a Chris Brown/Soulja Boy beef that has Mike Tyson added to the mix. The champ hit the recording booth this week with producer Damon Elliott to drop a verse for his new diss track to Soulja Boy, “If You Show Up. ” In the 30-second snippet of the track, Tyson can […]

Hopefully, if she chooses to get back in the ring next year, she'll be better prepared physically and mentally.

Rick Ross is in the gym looking like the young Mike Tyson.

On Friday, X sang a song of gratitude to the Yonkers, New York cops who saved his life following a reported overdose back in February.


The troubled boxer is scaring fans with his alarming messages.

Ruckus reveals he told Beckford before the scuffle that he would “love” to fight him.

The late, great Muhammad Ali is considered the greatest boxer to have ever participated in the sport. But even greats have people they respect and admire, and for Ali, it was Mike Tyson.

The boxing legend and cultural icon will be sent off like the king he was.