Beyonce is an inspiration to all – even architects in Melbourne, Australia. It turns out the world-famous Lemonade singer and her curves inspired a $315 million building, dubbed the ‘Beyonce Tower’ by many. The Hive will be happy to know it was Bey’s “Ghost” video that stirred Elenberg Fraser’s concept for the apartment and hotel project. […]

Hiccups normally come at the worst time possible. Well, anytime you get the hiccups is the worst time possible.

I had to post this since it’s throwback Thursday! Homie built a replica of the 1989 Batmobile from scratch and even used some of the parts from the movie! Watch it below!

Rapper Xzibit used to Pimp peoples rides, now he just throws chairs apparently! X to the Z was over in Australia to perform at a concert and judging from the video he was having issues with the promoter of the concert. Whatever the issue was he got so upset that he threw a chair at […]

In Australia, the Dunghutti Aboriginal People are made up of eight tribal groups that reside in the continent’s Macleay Valley region. Their way of life was…

Kanye is drpping his 7th album this year but its going to cause a delay on his Yeezus tour for it to happen. I’ll take that though! Sorry Australia but, Kanye says he will be there in September instead of August! Who knows, maybe he will perform some new material for the fans “Down Under”.

Beyonce was performing in Australia when she saw a member of the audience using his iPhone to FaceTime a friend who couldn’t make it to the show. Beyonce told the crowd, “This is a first. He’s doing FaceTime right now.” She reached down and grabbed his cell phone so she could greet his lucky friend […]

  I’m already hype that dude album drops in November! YES, I’m loving ‘RAP GOD’ now this dude comes out with ‘RAPTURE’ tour dates. NICE! Eminem just keeps the ball moving forward with Kendrick, J Cole, Chance The Rapper & MORE

On Wednesdays edition of the Yamean Report, I reported that Chris Brown and Rihanna were to perform together in concert in Sydney, Australia this Saturday. This was perfectly possible because Rihanna is in Australia doing press for the movie “Battleship” and Chris is set to perform at a huge concert in Sydney on Saturday. Well, […]

Australian bully Richard Gale and Casey Heynes, the victim who struck back, spoke out about the video that has made headline news, worldwide. RELATED: When Bullying Goes Wrong! [VIDEO]