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Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVII Ring Ceremony - Red Carpet

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Fans tune into the Super Bowl for multiple reasons. With Usher performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, R&B aficionados will get their fix. Football fanatics will see the big game. The Swifties will be in full bloom. Pop culture enthusiasts watch for the best commercials. And fashionistas flock to Instagram to see the players in their Sunday’s best. It’s a massive event that has dozens of tentacles.

The Kansas City Chiefs make their return to Super Bowl LVIII as returning champs. Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and the rest of the team put in work all year to get back to familiar turf for the chance at football glory again. Mahomes and Travis are more than a dynamic duo on the field, they like to bring the fly in the style department. As the quarterback of the team, Patrick Mahomes is a big stepper on the field and with his fashions.

With more eyes on Travis Kelce than ever (thanks to his relationship with Taylor Swift) everyone will be tuning to see who he’s with and what he’s wearing. In a 2021 interview with Complex, the elite athlete likened walking into game day to the red carpet.

“I think the football world is starting to kind of come around to being that fashion-forward mentality,” Kelce said. “And our game days are 16, 17 weeks, now 18 weeks out of the year … It’s almost like it’s a red carpet every single week.”

Super Bowl Style

On the other side of the coin, are the San Francisco 49ers with an equal mindset – storm into Allegiant Stadium and win the Lombardi. From their GQ cover star (and hunky) running back Christian McCaffrey to running back Deebo Samuels and lineman Fred Warner, the red and gold also bring an honorable amount of style and they plan to bring it on Super Bowl Sunday. Warner dished on his Super Bowl look to PEOPLE.

 “It’s another suit and it’s something that I’m trying to keep as a little bit of a surprise to everyone, but it’ll be something that’s a really good look and I’m excited to wear it.”

We’re anticipating all the men to bring their best fashion game this Sunday. Keep scrolling to see some of the most stylish players in this year’s Super Bowl.


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1. Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes’ skills on the football field are unmatched. No-look passes and magic tricks on the turf, he has solidified himself among the greats in sports and he will also go down in history as one of the most stylish NFL players. Just get a glimpse of him walking into game day rocking a  nude Boss suit with a black turtleneck and enough bling to light the Super Dome if the lights ever go out again. Even his natural hair has swag.

2. Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce was a winner and stylish football star long before he became the leader of the Swifties. Kelce can be seen showing off his trendy style on and off the field with his ball skills and the garments he wears. Kelce recently made headlines over his hairstylist, which happens to be a classic fade, for which he wants no credit. With Black men wearing fades for generations, the tight-end responded to online chatter saying, “I didn’t invent that — I just asked for it.”


3. Isiah Pacheco

Isiah Pacheco’s trendy style shows up in his game-day fashion. The Chiefs running back, who is described as a “violent runner” by coach Andy Reid, often mixes prints, colors, and labels or you might catch him in a tailored suit with sneakers. Abs underneath. 


4. Christian McCaffrey

One thing’s for sure, two things for certain, Christian McCaffrey looks good at all times and so does his partner in style crime Olivia Frances Culpo. As a former GQ cover star,  McCaffrey brings the best of both worlds through his dynamic game and flashy style. With dashing good looks and the perfect bod the 49ers running back, who was recently named AP Offensive Player of the Year, is the perfect chiseled ambassador for his own clothing brand, Hippie Cowboy, which he launched in tandem with Flag & Anthem.


5. Deebo Samuels

Deebo Samuels may be a beast on the turf, but he keeps is classy in the style department. The wide receiver could run straight from the field to the runway with his game-day fashions. Pictured here in a sleek all-black look with a Chanel brooch, chunky Cuban link chain and specs, Deebo brings 

6. Fred Warner

Fred Warner’s style is so good, that there has to be a woman behind it. And there is. Warner credits his 35-month pregnant wife with his game-day fashions. 

“My wife usually is the one that dresses me in a lot of these things,” Fred tells PEOPLE. “But I try to keep things formal for away games with a suit look. And then at home games, it’s more of an upscale casual feel.”

Warner’s long locs are an extension of his style. Whether he’s wearing them in a man bun or free-flowing, the expecting dad is ready to leave it all on the Allegiant field.