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Commuters may have to find an alternative route to work after a section of I-95 collapsed over the weekend. According to sources, a vehicle caught fire in beneath the overpass at the Cottman Avenue exit in Northeast Philadelphia.

The initial crashed caused as a fiery smokey mix began to pollute the air, A couple was recorded driving through the overpass about 10 minutes before it collapsed.

Shortly after that video was taken, the overpass split into two.

Governor Josh Shapiro went to take a look at the aftermath of the overpass Sunday Afternoon. Shapiro held a press conference to explain to the media his findings. “Preliminary reports indicate that a commercial truck carrying a petroleum-based product was the source of the fire,” Shapiro told the media.


Source: KENA BETANCUR / Getty

He also revealed that there were no injuries or casualties accounted for and “At least one vehicle is still trapped underneath,” Shapiro said, clarifying he was referring to the truck that caught fire. Police told 6abc that they are unsure if the driver was still in the truck when the fire began and the truck driver remains unaccounted for.

Officials closed the highway in both directions as they worked to mitigate the aftermath and investigate what happened. Governor Shapiro also informed the media that the issue could take months to resolve. In the meantime, Shapiro’s office set up a website where updates will be posted.

Section Of I-95 In Philadelphia Collapses After Tanker Fire

Source: Mark Makela / Getty


It was not long until Philly Twitter took control and brought their unhindered humor to make light of the situation as much as possible. Check out their hilarious reactions below!


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