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J.Cole has always been very private with his personal life and gives out little information about who he surrounds himself with. Melissa Heholt, has been the rapper’s best-kept secret for a very long time.

During a conversation with Ryan Coogler, J.Cole’s spot was BLOWN up by the interviewer about his marriage. From that day on we found out about Ms.Hehlot aka Mrs.Nice Watch. J.Cole’s wife has little information about her on the internet but what we do know is she is a wedding planner and once was a school teacher. On Cole’s latest masterpiece ‘The Off-Season‘ he goes in-depth about how loyal his lady is, “Don’t care if it’s Michael BJordan that’s calling my woman to fu*k, she ain’t gon’ never pick up”. It is safe to say the Carolina rapper has a ride or die beside him.

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How did J.Cole and his wife Melissa Heholt meet?

Cole and Melissa have been a power couple for over a decade. In 2015 they tied the not officially. The Born Sinner and his wife met at St. John’s University in New York. From the moment they met in college they were attached to the hip. According to Cheat Sheet, the couple proposed in 2010. In retrospect, was a huge year for J.Cole, as it was the same year the Carolina rapper dropped his masterpiece, ‘Friday Night Lights‘.

Does J.Cole have kids?

According to Independent, the private power couple has welcomed two baby boys to the world. On Cole’s track ‘l e t . g o . h o l d . m y , h a n d‘  he talks about his relationship with his son, “Today my son said, “Dad, let go my hand” Reminded me one day he’s gonna be his own man And my job is to make sure he’s equipped”

Photo’s Of J.Cole’s Wife Melissa Heholt

Drum roll please.. Check out some rare photos of J.Cole’s wife, Melissa Heholt below!


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