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Freddie Gibbs live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Freddie Gibbs comes across as an individual who cares very little about what folks think of about his online exploits and carries himself with an air of assured authenticity. It appears that fans on Twitter are having issues with some of the content Kane posts on his feed and the attempt to cancel him has been fruitless thus far.

For those in the know, that segment of the population was already well aware that Gibbs has a penchant for posting salacious videos and memes, so much so that his Instagram account was permanently banned for repeated violations of the social media site’s terms and conditions. Carrying that streak of IDGAF-ness over to Twitter, Gangsta Gibbs is catching some heat over a number of recent videos he shared with the timeline.

From naked girl fights to a man clearly having a bad day at a hotel desk, nothing is too far or too scandalous for Gibbs to share. Attempts to get Gibbs to remove the videos or check his online behavior from Twitter users have been met with his requisite and unflinching wit.

And while there are many who feel that Gibbs is taking things a bit too far with the videos, some on Twitter have defended the Gary, Ind. star, adding that he’s just displaying his sense of humor. At any rate, the way that fans have tried to come at Gibbs and the expert ease in which he dispatches of his critics, it should be expected that Freddie Gibbs isn’t changing how he tweets or carries himself anytime soon.

Check out the reaction and choice tweets from Freddie Gibbs below.

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