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Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles

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The Eagles Kelly Green jersey has been a key collectors item for the avid Eagles fan, but the significance of the jersey dates back to it’s late 1980’s induction in the NFL

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Why are they called ‘Kelly Green’ jerseys?

Kelly green was named after the common Irish family name, Kelly, The color is reminiscent of the rich green landscape in Ireland. Kelly Green, an intense green that sits in the middle of blue and yellow. is also commonly associated with the colors of St. Patrick’s Day.

A focus group was held during the 1995 season to obtain the general perception behind the teams uniforms. Eagles fans felt the their team was commonly associated with the New York Jets because of the jersey, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported in 1996.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins

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After the concluded, the Kelly green was not longer the teams color until it  was changed by Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie after the 1995 season

The Eagles sported the Kelly Green jersey in their 2010 home opener, where the Eagles saw an electric Michael Vick try to rally the Eagles for a second half comeback. However the Eagles fell short to the Packers, and the new millennium ‘retro resurgence’ was short lived

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After over a decade, the Eagles decided to bring back the jersey that truly represents the 1990s era of Eagles football. Philadelphia has been undefeated wearing the Kelly Green jerseys, going a clean 2-0 in their week 7 and week 12 matchups against the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles

Source: Mitchell Leff / Getty

The Eagles has had some special moments in the Eagle Green jerseys. Maybe if Michael Vick played the entire game in the 2010 home opener they would’ve won the game and he’d be on this list. But we all don’t always get what we want right?

Check out the Top Ten Eagles ‘Kelly Green’ Jersey Moments below!

Countdown is in REVERSE ORDER (#1 is #10)


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1. (#10) Randall Cunningam 57 yard TD Bomb to Fred Barnett

In the closing minutes of the opening quarter in the 1992 Wild Card versus the Saints Randall Cunningham sells a play actions to set up a  57 yard touchdown pass to Fred Barnett


2. (#9) House of Pain game

The 1991 Eagles star-studded defensive takes on the Houston Oiler, who were undefeated at home to that point, in their home stadium known as the ‘House of Pain’ 

Jerome Brown said it following the game: “They brought the house and we brought the pain.”

3. (#8) Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys 1991 Week 3

The star studded defensive of the Philadelphia Eagles got into the backfield of Dallas to sack Rookie Troy Aikman a whopping 11 times. 

4. (#7) Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys 1980 NFC Championship

With a chance to get to their first championship game since the ‘Super Bowl’ era, The Eagles dominated the game, with the 20-7 final score.

5. (#6) 1960 NFL Championship Game

Before the ‘Super Bowl’ era, the Eagles did reach the pinnacle of the NFL season. 

6. (#5) Greatest Goal Line Stand of all time

The Eagles stopped the Cardinals at the goal line a total of six times for what is known as the Greatest Goal Line Stand of all time!

7. (#4) Randall Cunningham 95 Yard Touchdown Pass vs Bills

Pressed up against his own 5 yard line, Randall Cunningham pulls off a houdini, avoiding 3 sacks just in time to launch a 95 YARD BOMB to Fred Barnett

8. (#3) Miracle at the Meadowlands

Giants quarterback Joe Pisarcik botched the handoff for a fumble that was picked up by defensive back Herman Edwards, who ran it into the end zone for the game-winning score!

9. (#2) Jalen Hurts game winning TD vs. Buffalo Bills in OT

“I don’t think I’ve ever been apart of a team that had a walkoff play in my career.” said Head Coach Nick Sirianni. “This must be how Bryce Harper feels”

10. (#1) Body Bag Game

(Commanders fans exit left!) In a decisive 28-14 win, the Eagles injured nine Redskins players including starting quarterback Jeff Rutledge and backup Stan Humphries.