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Ceaser & Walter Black Ink Crew

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

Last week’s Black Ink Crew: New York premiere, we learned that Walt allegedly “broke into” the 125th shop and stole jewelry, merchandise, and $5K. Ceaser, Ted, and Puma break the news to the crew and make a tough decision about their brother.

The episode picks right up where last week’s ended with Walt explaining to Ted exactly what happened that night in the shop when the alleged break-in happened. The season 9 premiere ended with Walt admitting that he took the money out of the register, leaving us with a cliffhanger.

Walt tells Ted he took the money because he needed it to handle some personal situations, and when he was able to recoup it, he planned on paying the bread back before anyone noticed. As far as the break-in is concerned, Walt says it was an isolated incident that happened a week later after he took the money.

Unfortunately, Ceaser and Ted’s minds are already made up, and they think he definitely was behind the robbery. Ceaser has heard enough and tells Walt to take a hike. He feels he has been betrayed and isn’t trying to hear any excuses from Walt due to the evidence pointing to suggesting that Walt did.

The following day Ceaser links up with Ted, Puma, and Ceaser’s cousin Feezy to survey the crime scene. Ceaser breaks it all down, alleging Walter jimmied the lock to gain entry to the shop and hit a secret stash that only an employee would know about before hitting the register and taking the jewelry and merchandise. While Ted, Ceaser, and Feezy are all but certain it was Walt, Puma isn’t sure yet and asked why Walt would have to jimmy the lock if he has the key to the shop?

Now, it’s officially time to break the bad news to the crew. Ceaser shares all of the evidence against Walt with his other employees, and they are shocked, but some more revelations are revealed. Black Ink’s newest couple, Krystal and Rokmatic, reveal they saw Walter engaging in some really funny business with the money and even shorting tattoo jobs and pocketing the cash.

The allegations dumbfound Ceaser, and it only helps him make the decision easier to ban Walt from all of the tattoo shops from now on, labeling him persona non grata. Puma is still not there and feels he needs to have a conversation with Walt due to Walt’s history with alcoholism and feels he could be going through something that would force him to make such a rash decision.

Following the meeting, Puma links up with Walter where it all began, the old flagship shop on 113th. The two friends have a conversation about the whole theft matter, and Walter sheds more light on the situation. He revealed the only reason he took the money was that he was behind on his child support and was looking at jail time. Puma, who, for the most part, tried to be very understanding, didn’t think that was a great excuse to steal from the person who helped him.

Before the two walked away, Puma wished Walt the best of luck and tells him it would be best if he stayed away from the crew. Walt believes this is a situation that time will eventually heal, and all indications point to that happening based on Ceaser’s track record when it comes to “beefing” with his friends.

Other notable moments from Monday night’s episode include:

Puma decides to seek therapy because he feels overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic and shootings of unarmed Black men by the police. Good for you, Black man, get that help.

Young Bae, who is looking marvelous, tells Ted she is not coming back to Black Ink… yet and reveals she has had her own tattoo shop for 12 years.

Oh, and Rok and Krystal are “dating” and claim they love each other. Krystal doesn’t want to go public to express their feelings for each other when they are in the shop. We shall see how long that lasts.

Oh, and last but certainly not least, Tatti revealed that Donna bought Alex’s mom a new ass. What an interesting gift to give your future mother-in-law.

You can peep more reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

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Appreciate you for this Puma. 


It’s not the ideal working environment. 




She couldn’t wait to spill that tea.


We feel the same way. 




Clap for him. 


Good question.


A vaild point raised by Puma at the time. 


You hate to see it.