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UPDATED:  Jan. 6, 2021 —

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Most people don’t fully understand the influencer market. To some, social media influencers are beautiful people who take cute photos, have themed Instagram pages, and promote products all day. For the most part, they make the profession look easy and superficial. The truth is, lots of work goes into positioning yourself as a person worth listening to.

When it comes to the fashion industry, there are different types of social media influencers. Some partner with brands and focus on inspiring you through their sense of style, some have their own products and use their platforms as a way to market their items, and others are just charismatic people with a larger platform that automatically translates to them having influence.

This is a growing profession filled with budding entrepreneurs eager to inspire you with their personal style. In fact, according to We Are Social’s Digital 2020 October Snapshot, more than 4 billion people worldwide (4.14 billion) now use social media each month. An average of 2 million people sign up to social networks every day and are primed to be influenced by what they see and hear.

We took the liberty of compiling a list of top fashion influencers on the rise. Trust me, their looks are so good it’ll make you want to hit the follow button. Take a look at these important black fashion influencers:

10 Rising Instagram Fashion Influencers You Should Follow in 2021  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com


Samjah Iman is a blogger/content creator that resides in Louisiana. Simply put, her style is dope. She has a laid-back vibe that is chic, comfortable, and timeless and most importantly you’ll be introduced to a slew of trending fashionable styles. We love her modern spin on vintage pieces that transport us back to old Hollywood glamour. In addition to slaying on Instagram, Samjah manages her personal blog, Style and Energy where followers can get expect a dose of fashion tips partnered with inspiration.

She says it best on her blog: “If you’re a candle-burning, energy-feeling, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, India Arie, Outkast, and Goodie Mob-listening, vintage clothes-wearing, 90’s-loving human being—then you’re in the right place!” We’re all ears!


Mimi Blaque is a fashionable straight shooter. The stylist and image consultant gives real-life fashion goals via her Instagram page. In an effort to bring forth your most elegant self, Mimi has an e-Book that details the best way to dress for your body. Her motto is simple: “We believe in fashion as a craft and a medium of self-abandon and expression, a symbol of innovation, creativity, and style.”


If you’re ever looking for a ray of sunshine, Nazhia Renaye is your gal. The blonde bombshell and plus-size model offers nothing but good vibes and great fashion on her Instagram feed. What we enjoy most about Nazhia’s page is her knack for creating fun, stylish looks for every type of girl. 


Tracey Wiley is an entire mood, okay? The 40-something-year-old lifestyle blogger shows us where street style meets glamour. She has a unique eye for statement pieces and she manages to pair them with wardrobe classics—including super cute mommy and me looks that are to die for. We’re huge fans!


Zoe Chin Loy is a body-positive influencer that advocates for the acceptance of all women, no matter their shape or size. The mother of three is completely unapologetic when it comes to modeling her stretch marks and everybody change that comes with having children. We love that she takes what society views as flaws, and turns them into beautiful accessories. In her spare time, you can find her acting as CEO of MintBrows, a destination for microblading classes that properly educate those interested in perusing it as a profession.


Whew! Destene will teach you how to “Bawse up” in one single Instagram post. Everything about her style is clean, stream-lined, and well-executed. When we think about a businesswoman who commands a room with style and grace, Destene is who we envision. Follow her for all kinds of inspo on how to dress for every occasion—even in COVID times.  


Big hair, fun glasses, and a cute pair of kicks, what more do you need in life? These are just some of the reasons why DLolo’s Instagram page smacks. We literally get most of my nail and sneaker inspirations from perusing her feed. She also gives the lowdown on where to shop her looks at a discounted price which is great when you’re looking for items to rock STAT. From chic nails to sleek sneakers, every image is presented in an aesthetically-pleasing way to satisfy every fashion-forward follower. 


Joce Blake’s aesthetic screams “go bold, or go home!” There’s no shortage of stylish, heartfelt thoughts on her Instagram and she’s the queen of collecting statement items that rival conversation pieces. We can’t pick just one favorite look—she slays them all! We’re also obsessed with her unboxing videos that make us what to shop our entire paycheck away. 



In 2012, Louise Messinga founded Fashion Arch to merge the fashion and architecture industry. With an eye for detailed skylines, classic interior design aesthetics, and great style pieces, there’s a good reason why Louise is one of our favorite accounts to follow. From selfies to design inspo to other visual formats with a New York backdrop, Louise adds simple, charismatic, personal touches to her IG feed. 

10. JESS

Jess is slowly rising to the top by defining herself as a fashionable storyteller who is in the know! The writer, podcast and YouTube host is the full package when it comes to developing a stylish look. Hair, makeup, shoes, and accessories are always done to perfection and are followed with words of encouragement and even fashion tips for plus-sized women.