Could Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy be ready to lock it down with his on-again girlfriend Bambi? Scrappy and Bambi had a pretty bad breakup this…

Ladies, I ain’t even gonna front. I was scrolling thru Facebook and saw this photo on my friends timeline and was like “‘hole up……he cute” and then I got myself in order and read up on what he did. LIKE Us On Facebook HOT 107.9 Philly   Four people were arrested and four guns were […]

On a new episode of #TheHotLife, Hot107.9’s online reality show, the girls of Philly’s Morning Show square off. Laiya has had enough of Shamara and her “Selfie” addiction, but Shamara doesn’t seem to care much about what Laiya thinks (or anybody for that matter). Check out the hilarious episode below… Also Check Out: #TheHotLife – Ep. 1: Meet […]

In honor of Kendrick Lamar’s birthday, Q Deezy and the gang teamed up for a Kendrick dedicated lip dub of the kendrick lamar UOENO remix. Check out this hilarious video below… CLICK HERE FOR MORE Q DEEZY REMIXES Like Hot1079Philly on Facebook to stay on top of your favorite black celebrities:   ____ ___ Meagan Good Wants […]

LHHATL was funny last night. Erica & Scrappy sit down to have a chat, she informs him that her new dude O’Shea ain’t worth a dime. She’s basically been taking care of dude & it’s getting on her last nerve. O’Shea ain’t been holding down his financials in the relationship, when he & Erica get […]

LIKE Us On Facebook HOT 107.9 Philly   During the NBA Finals you may have caught a glimpse of a new Beats By Dre commercial. The song is “Jungle” X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons ftg Jay-Z. Check it out below

Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com Outkast members Andre 3000 and Big Boi are set to reunite for a huge performance in Atlanta, which will be dubbed an homecoming for the duo.  The performance is set for September 14th in Atlanta’s Centennial Park, where the 1996 Olympics were last held on US soil.  Other acts are […]

Music is enticing. The right rhythm or sound can take you somewhere else without you even realizing. Music influences the world and it has been this way forever, but does it have more influence on your children than you do? Carvin Haggins, Grammy award winning Songwriter/Producer, debates “Q Deezy”on FOX 29 about music’s influence on […]

On Monday, the White House hosted an event that serves as a lead-up to the White House Summit on Working Families coming later this month.…

Celebrity Make-Up artist Tatiana Ward aka BeatFaceHoney, who has worked with everyone from Nicki Minaj to  Brandy, stopped by Philly’s Morning Show with Shamara & Laiya  to share her amazing story and give a few tips on how to “Beat Your Face To The GAWWWDDDSSS hunty!” Listen to the entire interview below... To find out what a “Face Beating” consist […]