I really wish I could expound on what this really means but I have no idea. I can only assume that Jay-Z will be involved in some music capacity but since he wears so many hats at a time (including minority owner of a NBA team) it could really mean anything. Check out the commercial […]

There are over 425,000 games in Apple’s app store, so how do you know which ones are must-haves? “Angry Birds” or “Plants vs Zombies” are for kids and toll booth workers killing time on their phone. The iPad games listed below are the games that will make your boys go “oh sh*t, what is that??” […]

We’ve been anxiously waiting for the new 2K12 Game to come out and now we can get a little fore-taste if you head over to XBox Live. We just got word that the demo is now available. The 2K team is hoping to repeat its success from last year’s title with more iconic playable characters […]

From 2K Sports games have always had great music and I think that’s going to be a tradition that the folks over at 2K Sports are looking to continue. In case you were wondering, the game will be coming out on Oct. 4th if all goes well, and will be playable on most consoles […]

I was invited out to Sony’s Holiday Season sneak peak and among the items being shown was their all new PS Vita. Unfortunately, I was unable to take video of the unit head on, but we spoke with a bunch of Reps concerning new titles for the PS Vita so check out the vids below […]

It looked like the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was going to get a chance to be on the cover of Madden 2012, making it his second appearance on the cover popular video game. But Peyton Hillis running back from the Cleveland Browns beat out Vick in the last round of voting. Take a look […]

Beyoncé was recently sued by a video game company after pulling out of a planned game, but who knew that she had her eyes set on making her first video game with another company? Certainly not us!

I checked out Socom 4: U.S. Navy Seals a little while back at a Sony event, but got my hands on it and decided to spend a little more quality time with it. The game has some great hits and some minor misses. Check the below for the details. Likes: In-Game Gun Customization After missions, […]

We tagged along with some folks from Sony to see some of their upcoming titles and gear, and we were not disappointed. They have a great line-up coming down the pipe and they are really putting some muscle behind 3D Technology. To be honest, I’m not sold on 3D just yet, but last night was […]

With over 100 million downloads across various mobile platforms, “Angry Birds” is one of the most popular games on the market.  But what if the insanely popular and incredibly addictive game followed in the footsteps of other games-turned-movies like “Mortal Kombat” and “Resident Evil” and were made into an action film directed by Michael Bay […]

VIA: Serena Williams shows off all her curves in a new commercial for tennis video game, “Top Spin” by 2K Sports. Wearing no pants and a skintight leotard, the real Serena (and her avatar) battle her tennis match competitor.

For as much television we watched after school back in the ’90s, we’re wondering how we completely forgot about this 1993 commercial for Nintendo’s Super GameBoy attachment for the SNES featuring voice overs from RZA, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Prince Paul.