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According to, the dating app solution isn’t the easiest answer to this problem due to the high demand for younger women for an older man’s taste pallet.

I think we all can take a sigh of relief now that the 2020 elections are over! Related: Watch The Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris [WATCH LIVE] Today Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president, with Kamala Harris elected as the first-ever African American-Asian American female Vice President. While Trump did not […]

With winter right around the corner, many of us find ourselves sacrificing style to keep warm. Related: FunFact: The Velour Track Suit In ‘Queen & Slim’ Is Paying Homage To Diddy Outerwear isn’t always the sexiest thing to slip into when heading out for a night out on the town or festive activities in the […]

Co-owner of Pink Elephant @peblair came through to style us with some Fashion Friday. Need some dope looks for the winter, check out Pink Elephant located on 504 South St, they have new items every week. Check out @peblair’s Fashion Friday shoot below…

What is the “Ice Bucket Challenge” you ask? Well its broken down like this: You videotape yourself dumping a bucket of ice  water over yourself and afterwards, publicly challenge a friend to do the same thing, or donate to It’s an organization that combats amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The point of […]

I love that NFL has created more female clothing lines for us to rep our teams and now Covergirl is joining in. See how you can get the Eagles Manicure aka Fanicure LIKE Us On Facebook HOT 107.9 Philly   1. Paint nails with one coat of Silver Lining #195. Allow nails to dry. 2. Apply thin strips of […]

During as recent interview with the fashion and style blog “The Coveteur” ASAP Rocky talks about his perception of beauty. During the interviewed he shared that he doesn’t think it is a good idea for dark-skinned women to wear red lipstick. “But you girls don’t understand how much you mess up your skin. You can’t help […]

I love nail art-always have. It is funny to me that now it’s “cool” When I saw the Oscars had a “mani cam” for ladies to display their nails I knew Celebrity Nail Art was outta here now! My newest fav is from the Mariah Carey OPI line “liquid sand” It goes on matte and […]

DIVAS  join in my excitement because I’m about to reveal every “hair girls” fantasy. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the company of mother and daughter Myra & Dana; the ladies and owners of Glam Extensions , located in Philadelphia at 641 South Street in a beautiful storefront setting offering various types of 100% high quality products of […]

In this day and age, relationships can be tough. The idea of monogamy is slowly but surely dying out as modern society has begun to blur the lines of relationship life and single life. For those who ACTUALLY WANT to be in a traditional relationship,  the pressure is on!  A “normal” relationship can present its […]