Related: Meek Mill Helps Slain Teen’s Mom Push for ‘Respect’ Between Cops and Citizens If you haven’t already gotten the memo to stay at home, it could cost you! Related: Meek Mill Helps Slain Teen’s Mom Push for ‘Respect’ Between Cops and Citizens Cops in Philadelphia can now issue citations to those violating social distancing guidelines. On Tuesday, City […]

Oprah and Stedman spent two weeks apart in quarantine against the Coronavirus. Stedman lived in the guest house and had meals delivered by Oprah, which she left on the doorstep. Oprah, who had pneumonia last year, is at greater risk of contracting the Coronavirus which was concerning Stedman, who had just returned home from traveling. […]

Blood donation facilities have begun actively collecting plasma from COVID-19 survivors, hoping it will save the lives of other infected people. Using blood from a surviving patient to treat others who are in dire straits is known as convalescent plasma therapy. It isn’t guaranteed to work and some doctors dispute the treatment’s validity. However, it’s […]

Two weeks ago, Detroit bus driver Jason Hargrove complained about a passenger who coughed on him. Now Hargrove is dead. Hargrove lost his battle with the coronavirus Wednesday in a Detroit hospital, officials say. His death comes after he posted a video on Facebook in which he ranted about an inconsiderate passenger on his bus. […]

After pleading with a judge to release him due to coronavirus concerns, convicted felon Tekashi 6ix9ine was released from prison early Thursday.

Meek Mill has went to Twitter today to announce he has a family member effected by the Coronavirus. Meek’s uncle has tested positive for COVID-19 and is reportedly in critical condition. Listen Live This is following previous tweets from Meek Mill saying he feels like he had the Coronavirus earlier this year, “I was extremely […]

Families will receive six meals per student—3 breakfasts and 3 lunches according to These site are open only on Mondays & Thursdays from 10AM-12PM Here is the list of free food banks in the city of Philadelphia:   People’s Emergency Center: 3750 Lancaster Ave. (19104) Philadelphia Citadel: 5830 Rising Sun Ave. (19120) West Kensington […]

It has been nearly three weeks since Gov. wolf ordered all of Pennsylvania to stay home due to the coronavirus outbreak, making social distancing the new normal for everyone. With residents only being able to leave home for groceries or medical care, it has left many Aries people wondering how to celebrate their birthday this […]

Philadelphia Mayo Jim Kenney has held a public COVID-19 update for the city of Philadelphia. The full video is below.   Listen Live for updates on the COVID-19 Related: Saudia Shuler Gave Out 5,000 Pounds Of Free Food In North Philadelphia Philadelphia COVID-19 Cases Are Now Over 300+ BREAKING: Philadelphia ShopRite Employee Tested Positive […]

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the best athletes the world has ever seen; but we can’t say the same for his dancing skills. The NBA legend and his sons, Shareef and Shaquir, did the viral Tik Tok dance to, “Lean wit It, Rock wit It” by Dem Franchize Boyz on Friday night. Shaq and his […]

We all have a lot more free time than usual, and that includes athletes. So, to pass the time players have been hopping on Instagram live together and entertaining us all. On Friday Carmelo Anthony and retired Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, decided to jump on Instagram Live and an interesting story came up. SIGN UP FOR […]

Years ago, Myron Rolle gave up football for a career in medicine. Now, he’s using his expertise to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The former Rhodes Scholar and Tennessee Titans safety is now a doctor and third-year neurosurgery resident in Boston on the front lines at Massachusetts General Hospital. “I went down to the emergency department, and as […]