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Two weeks ago, Detroit bus driver Jason Hargrove complained about a passenger who coughed on him. Now Hargrove is dead.

Hargrove lost his battle with the coronavirus Wednesday in a Detroit hospital, officials say. His death comes after he posted a video on Facebook in which he ranted about an inconsiderate passenger on his bus. “I feel violated,” Hargrove said in the clip. “I feel violated for the folks that were on the bus when this happened. There was about eight or nine people on the bus that stood there as she coughed and never covered up her mouth.”

News of Hargrove’s death appears to have struck a chord with Detroit residents, as it brings to light how quickly and efficiently the coronavirus can kill. “I don’t know how you can watch it and not tear up,” Mayor Mike Duggan says of Hargrove’s video. “He knew his life was being put in jeopardy — even though he was going to work for the citizens of Detroit every day — by somebody who just didn’t care. Somebody who didn’t take this seriously. And now he’s gone.”

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