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Alicia Keys-BeyonceRemember earlier this year when we were bombarded with all those pics from the Alicia Keys and Beyonce’s video set in Brazil for Alicia’s “Put It In A Love Song?” Why did the video never see the light of day?

According to Destiny’s Child Rumors, Beyonce showed Alicia Keys up so bad the video had to scrapped!

“Alicia’s people didnt have 100% belief in the song, Alicia [read: Swizz] was pushing it more and she wanted Beyonce to be apart of it. Alicia’s people still refused, main reason being they thought that it was more of a Beyonce ft Alicia, rather than Alicia being a dominant artist on the track. Basically, next to Beyonce, Alicia was over shadowed. So they canned “Put It In A Love Song” and opted for “Unthinkable” instead. They thought the fans would react better to “Unthinkable”. “Put It In A Love Song” would have been a huge summer smash and Alicia knows it”

As of right now, the release of the video has been put on hold and they aren’t sure what to do with the video.

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