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Former Eagle Jason Kelce just may have found a reason suit up for the green and white in the upcoming season. Kelce revealed that he lost his Super Bowl ring in a ‘vat of chili’.

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Kelce revealed on the latest episode of his podcast ‘New Heights’ with his brother Travis Kelce, that he lost it during the ‘Great Lombaby Games’. During one of the events, contestants had to swim through a pool of food to find the specified prize. In this case, Kelce  volunteered his Championship ring to be used as a ‘finding piece’ to place inside of the winning sock, while ‘make believe’ rings were put into the unsuccessful socks, and submerged into the pool. Contestants dug through a pool filled with spaghetti, chili, and of course, lots of cheese.

“The video does not do justice, just how disgusting this was — This chili had been sitting out for some time period” Jason said on the podcast. “I had to get away from that corner — It smelt so bad in that part of the arena” Travis commented.

But as time winner on, there eventually was no winner. As all contestants failed, it was now upon the cleanup crew to fetch the Kelce family jewel. They were unsuccessful as well.

“I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring, in this event. They could not find it — we have still yet to find it” Jason admitted. “I just thought that we would just go in the pool and get the ring afterwards.”

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Kelce thought nothing of his charitable act, as he felt that the ring would be easily retrievable. Unfortunately the ring was lost in the sauce… literally. Even the most advanced technology was to no avail.

“Greg got a metal detector, there’s actually metal in Skyline Chili” Jason explained. “There’s traces of iron within the chlli itself, so it’s an impossible task to try and use a metal detector”,

So what if Jason never finds his ring? Does the NFL make him another one? Will he have to earn it by winner another one? These questions remain a mystery, as Jason himself is unsure about what the next steps are in replacing his most cherished metal.

“It’s just a hunk of metal I’ll just have another made, I think” Jason said quizzically. “They can do that right?”

Watch the full clip below!


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