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It has been reported that popular Philly artists Phat Geez, was reportedly killed early Monday morning.

Who is Phat Geez?

Phat Geez has been in the Philadelphia music scene for quite some time. Alongside getting the notable recognition from his peers, he also received a cosign from Philadelphia’s own Meek Mill, which catapulted Geez onto the radar of those who’d never heard him prior. Phat Geez was popular for his 2014 debut EP Cut from a Different Cloth Vol1. in which his mantras ‘Why not?’ and ‘Priceless’ began to grow legs.

Phat Geez was also apart of the anti-violence movement. His most recent single was called “No Gunzone” spreading awareness to the explicit lifestyle our youth in faced with in Philadelphia on a daily basis. Geez also went into depth on the Philly First 48 podcast, explaining how hard it is to let bygones be bygones and ‘squash the beef’ have someone has died because of it.

‘So when n***** is telling n***** to squash the beef or something, them n***** is in this s*** bro. They can’t squash it even if they wanted to. [Retalitation] is deeper than anything bro.” Phat Geez explained. “[You could have] Played basketball, had a career everything everything bro, they took ya homie out. Now you gotta drop everything and react.. or be a p****”

Watch the interview here

After these controversial statements, Philadelphia influencer Manny 215 spoke out to discredit Geez’s sentiments, encouraging the youth of Philadelphia a different way of life in terms of problem soving. The two then met up with to rectify the message in one of the most peaceful fashions. Both parties spoke on their issues, and were able to see both parties point of view without sacrificing the dignity of either side. The encounter ended with a picture and a caption that some up with the city of Philadelphia is supposed to represent, brotherly love.

“This what happens when Men come together #AsMen” Manny 215 wrote. “This what happens when Men check each other , hold each other accountable and be able to admit when they’re wrong

This what happens when a Man ( @fettivisualz ) stand up and hold 2 men accountable to focus on the bigger picture instead of letting our pride and ego turn words into blood 🩸

This what happens when Muslim men say “yo we Muslim we can’t be actin like this with each other”

Phat Geez echoed Manny 215’s sentiments 100%, as he left a heartfelt comment under the post. “Really tho as men … this hold we handle situations as men🫱🏽‍🫲🏾❤️ I Love you Brother for the sake of Allah 🤲 may Allah watch over us and lead up to the right direction Ameen” Phat Geez wrote.

A day later Phat Geez was reported dead. Meek Mill was the first to break the news via X, formerly known as Twitter. “Rip phat geez…..Philly is a terrible place for black people to live… you see too much death!!!! Smh” Meek wrote.

Charlie Mack, another prominent figure known as Mr. Philadelphia, took to instagram to offer his blessing to the fallen Geez.

“Bismillah, I pray that Allah accepts this Youngin @phatgeezz right here and make his grave spacious!! I hear folks say, this one hurts. But they all hurt. I’m very disappointed in the way these Youngin have absolutely no respect & regard for their own lives.” Charlie Mack wrote. “It’s sad that #Death is the only option to resolve an issue. I’ve and I’ll keep saying learn how use your BRAIN & HANDS if that doesn’t work!!!”

“They will be no next generation shortly with all the young buls killing anyone in site!!! How are any of us not be fed up and applying major pressure on our City to claim MARTIAL LAW?!?!?!!? It’s extreme time we’re living in and we’re in need of EXTREME measures to be taken!!”

There has been no official word of cause of death or if anyone was involved in the death of Phat Geez.

We will continue keep you updated as we gain more clarity on this case.