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Want to get tipsy and cheese? Don’t worry! Doritos is coming out with their new Nacho Cheese Liquor.

Doritos teamed up with Empirical to create a spirit that taste just like the chips classic nacho cheese flavor. The liquor was made by using actual Doritos nacho cheese chips.

The PepsiCo-owned brand said that the liquor will only be around for a limited time only.

If you’re wonder what kind of drink you could use this liquor for, Doritos said it would be best paired with tequila to make drinks such as spicy margaritas, bloody mary’s, old fashions, or served plain just over ice.

When the liquor does release, the cost of a 750 ml bottle will be $65 dollars and you can only get it at limited locations. The drink will only be sold in liquor stores in New York and in California.


If you need help making your cheesy drink, you and your loved ones could go to for drink recipes and serve it to the whole family.

Preorders for the drink start December 13th at


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