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Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia

Source: Erick W. Rasco / Getty

Philadelphia is now being unofficially recognized as the fight capital of the country. American professional boxer Gervonta Davis made an appearance on Open Thoughts with Funny Marco where he was asked a series of questions regarding his boxing career.

In the interview he was prompted with the question ‘Which three states have the best fighters?’. The answer he gave actually did not include any states, but rather three cities, in which Philadelphia reigned supreme at the top of the list.

“Top three states that can actually fight? Probably Philly… D.C.” Davis listed.

“Would you give it to Baltimore?” Funny Marco inquired.

“Yeah… you can” Davis said.

Although there was a struggle to come up with a third representative, you could clearly tell Philly maybe left a mark on his memory to be named without hesitation, no pun intended.

The comments seemed synonymous with Davis’ answer, except the fact that he named three cities and not states.

“Told y’all man! Philly dudes don’t play. I boxed in Atlanta and my trainers were all Philly transplants.” One user commented. “When I went up to Philly to box, all those dude were seasoned. Everyone up there has had some amateur fights under their belt at minimum. Love Philly. ❤️ 🥊”

Watch the full interview of Open Thoughts featuring Gervonta Davis below!