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A Montgomery County lab was the first in the world to discover a new synthetic opioid that is believed to be more dangerous than fentanyl.

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The Center for Forensic Science Research and Education in Willow Grove, Pa. came across this drug in a package that came from Ohio. The package contained a safe that held the synthetic drug.

“So, this is a powder that we received from Ohio,” lab associate director Alex Krotulski said. “That contained N-Pyrrolidino protonitazene.”

According to CBS, the Montco lab issued a public alert that N-Pyrrolidino protonitazene, or “Zene” for short, is more potent than Fentanyl.

Krotulski believe that the effects of this drug is more detrimental than the more commonly found hardcore drugs such as crack-cocaine, or heroin.

“If someone is used to using say 10 milligrams of heroin, and they are exposed to 10 milligrams of fentanyl or 10 milligrams of a nitazene analog, they are going to get to those severe adverse reactions much quicker,” Krotulski said.

Researched have not found any N-Pyrrolidino protonitazene related deaths in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or the Delaware area. However, as new samples arrive to the lab, that could possibly change.


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