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Cindy Herron Says En Vogue Could Come to Reality TV


Cindy Herron, One third of the famous vocal group En Vogue, is currently on tour with her group, installing nostalgia to all their fans across the country. Ahead of her show in Philadelphia, Cindy had a conversation with RNB Philly’s Mina SayWhat about her tour with the group, her favorite memories on her musical journey, and the likelihood of an En Vogue reality TV appearance.

Mina asked Cindy was there a song that En Vogue didn’t think would be as major during the making of the song. “I think Hold on, our record label at the time, didn’t think that (song) was a ‘radio’ song.” Cindy explained. “We really had to fight hard to get that to be the first release. A lot of it was the Acapella beginning — radio wasn’t playing acapella intros to songs — so there were two versions”.

Cindy also made a remark as to whether we would see her and En Vogue appear on reality television. “We’re open to the idea but it really has to be right for us you know” Cindy said. “We have to be able to control the narrative — you know they shoot and cut it up and make it look how they want it to look and it wasn’t how we intended it to look, so we want to be really careful there”.

Boyz II Men and En Vogue In Concert - Sterling Heights, MI

Source: Scott Legato / Getty

Mina also asked Cindy to recall her favorite moments with En Vogue and she has a juicy Patti LaBelle story!

Watch the full interview below!