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T.I. Talks Comedy with HaHa Mafia and Weights in on Usher & Keke Palmer!

Source: Deion Allen / R1

It’s no secret T.I. has been one of the most successful artists of our time, as he’s been known has ‘King of the South’ for over two decades. But now T.I. wants to find success in a new field of choice, Stand-up comedy.

On his way to the Helium comedy club for to perform four weekend shows, T.I. stopped by the station with his comedic coalition, the Haha Mafia, to chop it up with Mina Saywhat.

T.I. tells Mina that so far, he has been performing stand-up comedy for 82 weeks. During this time span T.I. has seen the highs and lows of what it’s like trying to tell a joke. He even experienced being boo’d for the first time ever in his career! But that did not deter TIP from continuing to strive for great success in the field of comedy, it only brought the best out of him!

“Going out there doing comedy and having to actually be in a different position where it’s not going so well and I have to turn it around It’s a different level of adrenaline” T.I. said. “So thank you to New York  for booing me the way you did, because you really unlocked a different level of talent”.

T.I. also went on to talk about some hot topics that he’s been trending on social media involving him, including: His son King’s new pearly whites, the process of the highly anticipated sequel ‘ATL 2’, and he weighs in on the Usher and KeKe Palmer situation and what he would do if he was in Darius Jackson’s postion

Watch the full interview below!