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Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Trial in London

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Kevin Spacey named has been finally been cleared after years of claims that potentially ruined his career. Oscar-winning actor has been cleared of all charges after a four-week trial in London on claims of sexual assault. The 64 year-old Hollywood star had tears in his eyes as he was acquitted by a Southwark Crown court. Spacey was found not guilty of several counts of sexual assault and other related sexual offenses.

Social media users were shocked to learn of the news and immediately were in awe.

“I have to say, that is quite shocking to hear.” Victory Reviews tweeted.
“I’m too shocked to hear it!!! He deserves to be in prison!!!” another social media user tweeted. 
Spacey’s sexual assault allegations span from 2004 to 2013. During this time, Spacey served as artistic director at the Old Vic theater in the British capital. A number of complaints were filed against Spacey prior to legal action being taken. One complainant alleged that Spacey sat in the front of a car next to him while the complainant was driving. Spacey allegedly grabbed the complainant’s hand to put it on his crotch. The complainant said that one time, Spacey acted so forcefully it “took his breath away.”

The second complainant alleged that Spacey assaulted him during a charity event. The complainant recalled Spacey putting his hand on his leg, and grabbing his crotch with “such force it was painful.” Spacey has denied all allegations.
The third accusers claims Spacey “approached him and gave him a hug,” kissed his neck, grabbed his crotch and “squeezed,” telling the complainant to “be cool, be cool.” The complainant said he pushed Stacey away and left quickly, calling his father to recall the events to him.
The fourth complainant said he woke up to Spacey performing a sexual act on him. The complainant,an aspiring actor, said he contacted Spacey after meeting him at a theater production, reaching out to Spacey for career advice. Spacey invited him to his apartment about two weeks later where he allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted by Spacey.
US Actor Kevin Spacey Is Cleared Of All Sexual Assault Charges

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Spacey has denied all allegations. He was acquitted on seven counts of sexual assault and two other related sexual offenses. Last year, Spacey was found not liable by a New York jury for battery on allegations he picked up actor Anthony Rapp and laid on top of him after a party in 1986.