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SEPTA During COVID Pandemic

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SEPTA has seen a spike in crime in recent months, including deadly shootings and stabbings, on their property. To combat this issue, SEPTA has decided to bulk up on his staff. The Transportation authority has added 21 new officers to their staff. The officers gathered Wednesday to be sworn in and were on duty shorty after, patrolling the subways.

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Leslie Richards, the CEO of SEPTA, said the strengthening of staff was for simple reasoning, to keep people safe and to keep the property in tact. “Making sure that we are making our employees safe as well as our customers feeling safe,” said Leslie Richards. “We said we were going to increase our police employment, now we’re seeing how we’re doing it.”

With the uptick in violence, SEPTA suffered from a decrease in riders,

According to Action News, aggravated assaults have seen a steady increase year-over-year with 111 reported last year. So far, 59 have been reported this year


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