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Coco Jones Reveals Bel-Air Season 3 On Hold Due to Writers Strike

Mina x Coco: Coco Jones Says Bel-Air will Return For Season 3!

Source: Amir Gray / R1

Coco Jones, fresh from her Roots Picnic appearance, stopped by the station to visit Mina SayWhat in the midday! Coco Jones was eager to get a Philly cheesesteak but she gave us a few minutes to answers all the questions Mina had about her newest project ‘What I Didn’t Tell You’, her coming of age in music, and her role as Hilary Banks in the hit drama series ‘Bel-Air’.

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Coco Jones has the #1 song in radio with her smash single ‘ICU’, which has caused her to receive a lot of global attention, being recognized as an artist instead of the childhood actor she’s been accustomed to be recognized as. “Singer is really starting to become that thing (that I’m known for) ” Jones told Mina excitedly. “It’s so interesting to watch because I’ve always been recognized as characters — But now, I’m starting to hear people be like ‘Oh my gosh, your song’ that’s the first thing they say to me and I’m like ‘ooouu, that’s what I wanted'”!

With this continued success, she was publicized at Roots Picnic as she was featured during Adam Blackstones’ in which she was able to bring out Mary Mary. She spoke on the significance of Gospel music and how much God has been an influence in her life. “I really feel like my relationship with God got more personal and spiritual and I look at  Jesus like my homie!” Jones said enthusiastically. “Because he was the only one who was really there, it was me and him, and those really unsure, uncertain times where I did not know when the dark tunnel was going to have light again.”

Mina x Coco: Coco Jones Says Bel-Air will Return For Season 3!

Source: Amir Gray / R1

Coco Jones also went onto premier her exclusive music video for ‘Crazy for me’ with Mina SayWhat, and she revealed that the hit TV series ‘Bel-Air’, where she plays Hilary Banks, will be renewed for a third season!

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