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The only thing better than PTO is ROI on a lottery ticket, a multi-million dollar return. A local Philadelphia alerted PA Lottery that they had won a $3 Million Dollar prize from a $30 dollar scratch off they had purchased a local convenience store. The lucky winner received the winning scratch-off from Sunny Cigarette at 6447 Sackett St. The store is expected to recieve a $10,000 dollar bonus for selling the winning ticket.

If you win the PA Lottery, a reminder that you MUST sign the back of the ticket legibly and inform the PA Lottery that you have a winning ticket. You can reach the PA Lottery at (800) 692-7481. Visit their website for terms and conditions, as these winning tickets expire one year after the games’ end-sale date.

Here a list of the top 10 biggest PA Lottery wins: [CLICK HERE] 

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