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For Marie Holmes, more money has definitely meant more problems. Since the 27-year-old mother of four won the lottery last year, her life has included a series of arrests and legal battles.

In February 2015, Holmes had one of three Powerball tickets worth $564 million. She opted for the lump sum of $127 million, which was approximately $88 million after taxes. While most people use their winnings to buy their mom a house, get out of debt and go on vacation, Marie made some very unusual choices with her fortune.

The North Carolina native made headlines and was crowned “Donkey Of The Day” by The Breakfast Club radio show after she bailed her boyfriend Lamarr McDow out of jail not once, not twice or even three times, but a total of four times. Being a ride-or-die checkchick allegedly cost her $21 million.

Now Holmes is being sued for $10 million. Here are the details via a Black America Web exclusive:

Pastor Kevin Matthews says he is experiencing emotional and mental distress due to her backing down from a verbal contract they had regarding $1.5 million to purchase land to build a retreat facility.

“I had to start taking more medicine for anxiety and depression due to this situation,” says Pastor Kevin Matthews.

According to Matthews, he provided prayer to Holmes and several others at her house and he casually mentioned that he has been praying for land to build a retreat center and he asked the young mother if she would consider helping out. Supposedly they both agreed to the $1.5 million although there was no paperwork or written agreement regarding their conversation.

Holmes’ attorney, Ruth Sheehan has since denied Matthews’ claims.

We hope Holmes is living below her means and has some type of saving plan in place for the future of her kids. Stay tuned for the latest developments!


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