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Freeway Confessions

Source: Blogzworth / Radio One

As we approach the 20th anniversary of Freeway’s debut album “Philadelphia Freeway”, we got the Philly legend to chop it up with our own Mina SayWhat about the most memorable behind-the-scenes stories in making the album! Freeway starts from the beginning of his music career where he got into some trouble with law enforcement before he was finally able to flourish as an artist. “I got arrested for possession with intent to deliver back in ’99 — Beans said ‘soon as you get off house arrest you gon’ be right wit’ me’. I get off house arrest and I was right with him.” said Freeway. “2000 the dynasty album hustler came out, I landed 1-800 hustler — and after that, I never looked back.”

Freeway says there was many moments that stood out to him in the making of the album, vividly recalls the making of the hit single “What We Do” featuring Beanie Siegel and Jay-z. “Jay was in the living room playing pool, I called him in to originally say the ‘keep going’ — he sat on the table mumbling to himself for like five to ten minutes– then he went into the booth, one take! I was like ‘oh my god it’s going down!'” Freeway said.

Today, “What We Do” has over 22 million streams on youtube, made an appearance Billboard’s Hot 100 and Billboards Hot Hip-Hop and R&B, and is a staple in the Philadelphia and hip-hop community



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