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As we all know, gun violence is a major concern in Philly and it is at an all time high.

After a teenager died in a hail of bullets, as many as 52 shots were fired, in a West Philadelphia shooting late Monday night, the city passed a dark milestone for 2022.

Philly has now reached approximately 1,400 shootings and 400 homicides in 2022, and we are only in August.

Officers found the 18-year-old — later identified as Lameer Boyd — bleeding from gunshot wounds to his head, chest, torso and back, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

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“Based on ballistic evidence on the scene, we know at least 52 shots were fired,” Small said. Many of the bullets appeared to have come from a rifle, while some also came from a handgun.

Another young boy in West Philadelphia was shot in the back as we was taking a case of water out of the car to his grandmother’s house. The shootings are getting completely out of hand.

Philadelphia is now considered the deadliest city on record. Compared to LA and NY shootings and deaths, Philadelphia has more shootings and homicides than both of those cities combined. It’s on a similarly deadly pace as 2021, which wound up being the deadliest on record in the city.

When you live in a city when you don’t even feel comfortable to walk down the streets, take your children out, walk to the store or hop in your car, it’s a dangerous time and a change is needed.

Larry Krasner is cracking down on all Philly gangs who engage in criminal activity and becoming a menace to society.

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