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Roddy Ricch had a problem with Kanye West posting a video of him peeing on one of his Grammy trophies a while back.

The video sparked Roddy to go on a rant at the time about Kanye via social media.

Roddy said, “If I get nominated for six Grammys, and a n***a I look to have twenty-five of these muthaf*ckas, and I come in here and I want to get nominated for six this year. I feel that’s a good number. And this year, the n***a just piss on that sh*t. How you think that made the world look at my accomplishment? That I worked for. I did all this sh*t! And you pissing on sh*t. That sh*t be lame.”

Well, it seems Roddy and Kanye cleared the air off social media and did a song discussing the frustrations Roddy had about Kanye.

Roddy raps, “They said I was mad at the Grammys, but I’m looking at my Grammy right now/Pulled up on Ye and said they don’t understand me, I just want my dog to pipe down.”

The track is on ‘Donda’ that everyone is still waiting for to be released.


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