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Is this Philly or the Conjuring movie? Police in Lackawanna County announced they broke up a reported ‘exorcism’ that happened inside a Home Depot, in Dickson City Tuesday.

According to a Dickson City Police Department Facebook post, reports were made to the police of disorderly people in the lumber aisle of the store.

Once they arrived, police say a group was reportedly performing an ‘exorcism’ for the dead trees within the Home Depot aisle. Not too much time had passes before the group was escorted out by the police but as on now, no arrests were announced.

The Dickson City Police Department’s Facebook post has upwards of 300 comments and 746 shares, with some people commenting that the group ‘really wanted to take possession of that lumber’.

“The individuals involved will not be charged”, the officer said.

“It was a séance type of thing for the dead,” he said.

The spiritual realm of life is not something that should be taken lightly or joked with. Exorcisms have been used to cast evil, or negative energies out of people, but these rituals are typically and greatly advised to be done by a seasoned priest or priestesses.

Exorcisms are not just acts of spiritual rituals seen in movies such as the Conjuring, but are instead and real life spiritual occurrences and are to be taken seriously.  All things in movies at some point come from or are inspired by something or someone. In these cases, one on the outside can speculate what they think was going on, but the truth lies between those conducting the exorcism and the person or thing possessed by whatever negative entity is being casted out.

In many instances, not all spiritual occurrences, awakenings, rituals or activities can be explained, as many are written off as a person in need of psychiatrical help.

To understand the depth of a these spiritual occurrences or the root of this supposed exorcism, consulting a Priest or Priestess is your best bet. Typically Priest and Priestess that conduct exorcisms or ridding a person of negative energies are of Catholic  and Voodoo faiths.

In Philadelphia, there are many Priest of Catholic and Voodoo faiths, just to name a few, to help a person who may be experiencing spiritual problems or in need of a spiritual healing and cleansing.


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