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Saudia Shuler takes to Instagram and shares with us that her son has been in jail for the last 41 days.

While Country Cookin’s very own addresses a mental breakdown she had with battling where her son is, she leaves a powerful message for all sons and daughters of Philly.

As we all can attest to, Saud is heavily about protecting her community and putting the hood on. We have seen her make great strides to give Philly something to hold, something to look up to and in recent times, we have even seen her take McDonald’s employees and pay them better at Country Cookin.

If you know Saud, you know that she’s Philly’s stamped Auntie.

In her caption she says, “Y’all know i tell y’all the good and bad. I always keep it 💯 wit y’all. The same way i love my son, i love all y’all Sonsons & daughtdaughts. I only want the best for them. When i get my $200,000,000-$400,000,000 million. Ima create something special in the hood to keep our kids out the street”.

From day one, we know that Saud always was always about her son and did everything for him, hence the $25,000 legendary Philly prom she threw him.

For 41 days, Saud’s son has been in jail for a violation. and she believes that is the very thing that saved his life.

Saud says, “Y’all wanna something crazy. I believe God put my son in jail to save his life. Since he got arrested, 3 of his childhood friends was murdered. I believe God wanted him to sit down and think 🤔 about his future”.

Auntie Saud says as her closing remark” He’s there on a violation. I say that to say this. I try to keep y’all kids motivated and busy. I’m hard on all the kids that work for me. I promise u if they can work for me then they will be able to do any job in the world. I wish i could get all the kids off the streets and give them a job. Goodnight.”


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