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Philly Black Owned Business Destroyed During Riot

Elliot Broaster, 23 Year Old Black Entrepreneur, and Owner of Smoke N Things

Meet Elliot Broaster, a 23-year-old North Philadelphia native who took the idea of “buying back your neighborhood” to the next level.


Elliot was only 22 years old, and still a student of Temple University when he opened his first business in the neighborhood he grew up in. Only 5 minutes away from Temple’s campus, Elliot opened the doors to Smoke N Things on 1723 Cecil B Moore.

Philly Black Owned Business Destroyed During Riot

A photo of a busy day at Smoke N Things.

“I started this business at 22 years old, while still in college! I remember one time I had no employees at all. I had to run from class back to my business and handle the workload of the classroom from there! The amount of time, energy, and tears I put into turning my first born business into a successful company out ways any amount of money and damage caused!” says Elliot via Instagram. (Its__ELL)

Elliot has been a proud supporter of the Philadelphia community for as long as he has walked this earth, especially the black Philadelphia community.

Unfortunately, Elliots business had been broken into and looted amongst the Philadelphia riots that sparked after the protest for George Floyd.

Philly Black Owned Business Destroyed During Riot

Smoke N Things after the looting took place.

The windows broken, content stolen, and Elliots heart left heavy after the symbol of black success he planted in his neighborhood had been destroyed.

While this has been a rough time for Elliot, he remains positive letting his customers know “We will be back, and we will be better!”

Elliot has started a gofundme for the business and is asking that those who are able to donate to help restore this business do their part. Any donation helps. The link has been provided below.

Elliot also has another business that you can support. The 211 Hookah Lounge, located at 211 N. York Road, Hatboro PA 19040.

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