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Weight Gain

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Staying fit during this time of the year can be extremely difficult. From holiday office parties to family gatherings, it seems nearly impossible not to gain a few pounds!

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You won’t have to waste this year’s resolution on losing weight because we are giving tips on how to stay fit during this holiday season.

According to the New York Times, recent studies have shown that the average person gains 2 to 5 pounds during the holiday season.

Fitness instructor and Nutritionist, Justyn Joint says he too struggled with his weight, before understanding that the key to staying fit is eating more not less.



“If you’re trying to lose fat, you’ll need to drop some calories to put yourself into a calorie deficit. People hear low-calorie and immediately think, eat less. That’s only partially true because there are ways to eat more.”

The 26-year-old fitness coach says eating for volume is a strategy used to maximize the amount of food you eat while still keeping your calorie count low.

When eating for the volume, you should always focus on eating superfoods such as vegetables and fruits.

But let’s face it, maintaining your diet is not always as easy when starring down the barrow of tempt.

The Philadelphia based trainer also gives tips on how to choose healthier options for when you’ve found yourself in your favorite fast-food restaurant.

For these fast-food hacks and more, check out the latest episode of Twenty-Something below!

Justyn offers many customized online diet and exercise plans for you to choose from. Follow him on social media @just_ny_time for more info!