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A Boston woman by the name of Jase Dillan was fed up with being harassed, so she gave the culprit a taste of his own medicine.

The female musician discovered that a man was videotaping her buttocks and crotch area without her consent. She wasn’t the only one caught on tape; the woman says underage girls were also caught on tape by the man. So, after finding the guy who recorded inappropriate footage of her and the girls, she decided to follow him on Boston’s Newbury Street to let him know how uncomfortable and degrading it is to be harassed in such a way.

In the video, you can hear the woman tell the man as she walks behind him “You don’t like being filmed without permission? Because that’s what you’ve been doing. You have footage of me on that camera…. Maybe you’ll think twice the next time you want to be a creepy fucking dirtbag.

We hope this man gets caught. We also hoped he learned his lesson.

SOURCE: Complex | VIDEO/PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook, Getty


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