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Just yesterday, I committed to going to the gym after work and when 6pm rolled around, I looked down at my gym bag, rolled my eyes and made plans to binge watch the rest of Orange Is The New Black with a friend. Why? Because it started to rain, duh! I can’t just go to the gym when it’s raining. Obviously, I use any excuse to get out of going to the gym. I know I can’t be alone in this.

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I want to tone up and be fit, but honestly, I am just not motivated enough to get the job done. I need help! Luckily, I have help. Spring founder and CEO Mattias Stenghed reached out to give me some amazing motivational hacks that will make sure I get the exercise I need, even after a long, rainy day in the office. I’m ready. Are you?

1. Music as motivation:

You can make your run or power-walk a dance party by syncing your footsteps to the beat of music. Knowing your workout will be more pleasure than pain is a great way to want to keep an exercise habit. It is why Spring was created- to give people easy access to motivation and enjoyable workout experiences

2. Buddy system:

Having someone else rely on you will make it more likely you’ll show up for that class, power-walk, run etc. Call a friend, family member, or gym buddy and schedule next week’s workout sessions.

3. Social Media for personal good:

Social media can be used as an accountability tool. Posting your health goals and workout plans or accomplishments is a great way to keep yourself on track while inspiring others to do the same. Plus, you’ll gain additional support from your social network. Additionally, it is also a log to track your progress over a space of time.

4. Make exercise part of your daily to-do list:

Even when there seems like there is no time, you can easily incorporate exercise by parking further away from where you are going to get a little walk in. Think of chores such as laundry or doing the dishes as perfect time to do some body weight strength training exercises such as squats, lunges, calf raises, push ups, or standing yoga poses. The little things all add up!

5. Your bedroom is your key to success:

There are two little habits that can make all of the difference in keeping up a workout habit. The first is to lay your clothes out the night before or pack them in your bag if you are working out after work. You want to set yourself up to make it as easy as possible. Place your gym bag by the door before you go to bed, that way you fall asleep with the notion of tomorrow’s workout in your conscious. The second habit is to make your bed before you leave your house. It sounds strange and completely unrelated, but this practice will help you maintain clarity and focus so that you can stick to your workout plan and keep it as a priority.

Ready? Let’s go!


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