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Mara Brock Akil is imploring young women to use their voices because it is the most valuable asset they have.

Girls Inc. gathered up some of the most influential women in the entertainment industry to grab a bite and inspire the young girls at its annual Hollywood luncheon yesterday . As attendees chowed down on some amazing food, they had the rare opportunity to get career advice from women who have made it on their own terms.

According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” Mara was among the featured speakers, and she argued that “we should all be feminists” because equality of the sexes is “congruent with being human. “

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Hollywood is just starting to catch onto Mara’s point as more and more women are getting the chance to bring their shows to the public. She herself has helmed “Girlfriends,” “The Game” and “Being Mary Jane.” All of her series have quickly picked up a dedicated fan base because the characters are so engaging. All of her shows feature women that are not afraid to use their voice. That’s precisely what she looks for when building her own team.

“Knowing your craft and being educated about what you want to do will build your confidence and vocabulary to be able to open your mouth and be heard,” Mara told “The Hollywood Reporter.” It’s a quality she values so highly that she not using your voice could get you scooted out the door. “If you’re there in my room and you’re quiet, there’s really no need for me to rehire you if you’re sitting on some of your best ideas and not putting yourself forward,” she says of her own

To put it simply, she said in conclusion, “A closed mouth does not get fed.”


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