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The Queens of Comedy are not amused by Sheryl Underwood’s accusations that they shaded her into rejecting a spot on their tour.

Earlier this week, Sheryl told viewers on “The Talk” that she once overheard Laura Hayes (aka Miss Laura), Sommore and Adele Givens slamming her before she was invited to join the tour. It was disheartening to hear her peers putting her down on the conference call.

Among comedians, sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is just cracking jokes or being serious, but Sheryl felt that the other ladies meant what they said. Since Sheryl couldn’t see spending months on the road with people who don’t respect her, she opted not to join the Queens of Comedy Tour.

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Sommore wasn’t bothered enough by what Sheryl said to give it a response, but Adele and Miss Laura addressed the chat host on social media. First, Adele had this to tweet.

Miss Laura needs a little more time to get her thoughts together, but she wanted Sheryl to know that she was going to be coming for her as she posted a shot of her wig. We all know that when wigs come ish is about to get real!

“Now I have [to] take time out of my artistic hustle to respond to this bulls**t COMING SOON,” she wrote on Instagram. “ #gotmypressureup #aintnobodygottimeforthis #gotpeoplelookingatmesideways #youknowyougotbettersecretsthanthat #interuptingmyediting.”

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