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She said “Let me guess, your different?” I said, “See, u aint even listenin”. She said, “I’m tired of that line and I’m hip to what u kickin”. I said, “Babe, u still trippin and my point u really missin. This is really me, real rap, this aint just spittin”. She said, “I know da game” I said, “Fake ni**as is lame!” She said, “How I know u real, all yall ni**as act da same”. Now Im flamed, cuz I dig her and I’m a thorough ni**a but she pre-conditioned by these a$$holes & too quick to pull da trigga. Tryna shoot me down but I’m a special breed. I’m da type to provide without request and always give u what u need. I showed her I was sincere and really wanna be friends. I aint them others dudes, I don’t lie and don’t pretend. I learned all her favorites and chilled at her house. I’m not just tryna hit, I’m focused on being her spouse. Texting all day and chattin all night. When I call she play low-key but I know she be all hype. She doubtin if I’m serious & questioning my heart. I’m frustrated cuz I been honest and truthful straight from da start. I been playin my part, she steady lookin for a flaw so she can say, “I told u so!” and abruptly call it off. I’m beggin her to relax and keep proving that Im unique. She reading my poetry and always say, “U too deep!”. I’m always thinkin positive & supportin her every move. I check up on her daily and keep her in a good mood. Her girlfriends keep on hatin, sayin Im too good to be true but I just tell her, “Babe, they mad cuz they aint you”. She lettin her guard down, we becoming best homies. We sit and talk for hours and she really get to know me. Now she sees my style and realizes my swag is not a front. She slowly finds my vibe attractive and now Im what she wants. Im explainin we need to chill, dont rush into it too fast, but she disregardin all my words and quickly slammin on the gas. I’m avoidin sex but she curious about my skills. I tell her my stroke is great but its addictive like them pills. She says, “I’m a big girl and u always talkin trash” I say, “Babe, I don’t lie and I’m a pro at bustin a$$”. Of course she wanna try me but Im too strong to fall for that. She tryna seduce me daily and keep settin erotic traps. I’m pleadin wit her to calm down and warning her about my d**k, but she don’t wanna play her part or follow da f**kin script. I cant lie, I aint helpin, I’m sendin her my pics and crazy msg’s that turn her on and got her bitin on her lip. I whisper in her ear and kindly ask her for a taste and as she nods while in a trance I lightly grab her by the waist. Taking my time, gettin acquainted wit her body. I lay her down, remove her pants & softly say, “Watch me!”. Kissin both her thighs, lickin either side, flickin my tongue across her clit & slightly goin inside. Explorin all her walls, I bet she’s glad that she waited. When we met she wouldn’t give me time, now she sayin, “Take it!”. I’m prolongin her pleasure, cherishing her treasure, determined to be a permanent fixture in her future endeavors. Tongue sliding from front to back, she unsure of how to act, she cant conceal her joy, displayed by how hard she arch her back. She thinkin, “Maybe I was wrong, all ni**as aint alike cuz I had my share of head & this $hit is out of sight”. Now that we came this far and she rollin off my actions I’m gettin horny myself and turned on by all her gasping. Face so wet but I’m dedicated to my craft, I tell her I’m rock hard and reiterate it while I laugh. Place her hand on my manhood, she strokes him and grabs em. Big fan of safe sex so I open up the magnum. First she wanna taste him, so now our roles reversed. U always get the best head when u willing to give it first. I close my eyes and grin cuz she passionately pleasing me, doing that crazy thing wit her tongue, strategically teasing me. We both movin instinctively, our chemistry is great. Now she realizin I’m da real deal and its was well worth the wait. She tells me I’m a problem and smiles during mid-stroke, its ironic like getting inboxed by a person, while u in mid-poke. Her eyes spoke volumes, her p***y screamed I love you. She said, “I wanna be ya wife cuz aint no way I’m just goin f**k you!” I kick it in to overdrive, her system bout to override, she start shakin and said, “I see why girls fight over guys”. Better than she expected but right on par with my ego, now she wanna be in every car or bar that “HE” go. Jealousy settin in, the line between crazy and sane is gettin thin. My patience is being tested and my tolerance level is gettin slim. I ask her, “Why u actin like this?” She say, “Cuz baby, u so different!” I begin to smirk and say, “So now u wanna listen?” Boo u sicknen!